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A bit about me: I’m a romance writer from the UK, usually writing LGBT+ romance. I enjoy writing anti-heroes and dislikeable characters, and usually like a bit of a creepy atmosphere to my settings. To find out a bit more, check out my bio page.

Please feel free to browse through my blog, or check out my publications page. If you need me, have a look at my contacts page. I’ll be around.


New Release

KeepingItTogether (1)

Keeping it Together
Word Count: 32,000 words
Genre: Romance, Lesbian, Bisexual, Contemporary
Price: $3.99

Sian should be tucked in bed when she meets Alisha Hart—beautiful, talented, and the star of a band that’s on its way up. Alisha doesn’t have to worry about curfews or homework or overprotective parents; in fact, she doesn’t seem to care about rules at all. She makes her own, and lives life her way—something Sian can only dream of, and which draws her helplessly to Alisha. But love is complicated, and if there’s such a thing as fate, it seems dead set against them.

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Previous Release

Bat's Children Cover

Bat’s Children
Word Count: 20,000 words
Genre: Romance, Gay, Historical
Price: $2.99
For trigger warnings see the content notes here.

Arwel and his family are bad stock, everyone knows it and they’re happy to say it—but left with a towering debt and no means to pay it, survival means living on the wrong side of the law. Arwel has little doubt his life will end via the hangman’s noose, but the risk of execution is better than the alternative.

Tomi makes a living buying and selling pretty things, including those that Arwel passes along from his roadway victims. Tomi has few morals when it comes to business, and if buying stolen goods brings him closer to Arwel, so much the better.

Then one night a robbery goes wrong, and Arwel finds himself on the brink of losing everything he holds dear, including his life, and Tomi doesn’t know if he’ll ever see him again.

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