Good News!

Less Than Three Press is releasing a series of short Valentine’s stories throughout the course of February that you can buy either in bundles or individually. One of those stories is mine =D

These Bonds is an m/m romance and is just over 5,000 words long. Well, okay, maybe closer to 6,000, but LT3 were kind enough not to make me chop any. It will be available for purchase as an e-book on the 22nd of February.

Every year, Milo hopes that he will be chosen as a sacrifice to Amor to help preserve the fertility of the land and protect his community. When it finally seems as though his dream is coming true, however, the moment is ruined when he finds himself paired not with another worthy sacrifice, but with the most irritating and immoral man in the town.

I’m very excited about this story because it was so much fun to write (even if the characters were a pain in the arse at times) and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

All of the Kiss Me Quick cover art is seriously superb and I’m so, so pleased with the picture for mine. It looks so cool!

All of these stories look amazing and I know I’m going to be buying quite a few of them. Check them out!

Good News!

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