As you know I’ve a not-so-short story coming up in LT3’s The Bestiary collection, which I think will be out around November time.

My story is called The Dog in the Mist and is set in Devon, utilising a whole heap of local folklore.

Dorian is unlucky. He’s lost his parents, his best friend, and now he’s lost his gran as well. And to top it all off, he’s being stalked by a dog—a dog that’s bigger than a dog has any right to be, a dog that brings death in its wake. Soon, Dorian will learn that all the things he pushed from his mind, all the stories he was told as a kid about faeries and ghosts and monsters, are real. And maybe, just maybe, they can help him reclaim some of what he’s lost.

The Dog in the Mist centres on Dorian, and his missing friend, Evan. It’s written in limited 3rd present and uses a shit ton of flashbacks, which are maybe my favourite part of the story, just because they were the most fun to write ❤

The main reason for this whole post though, aside from the rough release date, is to say ‘Hey, check this out!’

This is the art for my story, drawn by the lovely V. Rios. Look at the shiny eyes! So cool.


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