As some of you might know, if you’ve read my bio over at LT3, I don’t just write, I also edit. For LT3, this is copy editing, but I can do more thorough edits as well. I’ve been a bit weird about advertising my services as a freelance editor, mostly because I don’t know how to advertise very well (I would make a terrible publicist). But I do know how to edit, and my rates are pretty affordable, especially if it’s just a copy edit that you need. So below are the details of the services I offer. Maybe they’ll interest you. Maybe you’ve been looking for an editor for your manuscript for a while now. Maybe they won’t, maybe you haven’t. Take a look anyway. One day you might need something editing.

Copy Editing

This includes correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, as well as highlighting any minor inconsistencies or errors. I will also check for awkward or clunky wording.

My copy editing rates:

Under 20 pages: £5 (7.84 USD) total

20-150 pages: 25p (39 US cents) per page

150-300 pages: 50p (78 cents) per page

300+ : 75p (1.18 USD) per page

Line Editing

This is a more thorough type of editing which includes checking for consistency in content, tone, clarity, plot and character development. This also includes the copy editing service at no extra charge.

My line editing rates:

Under 20 pages: £10 (15.69 USD) total

20-150 pages: 50p (78 cents) per page

150-300 pages: 75p (1.18 USD) per page

300+ : £1 (1.57 USD) per page

If you need a particular aspect of your manuscript examined, or if there’s a scene you’re particularly worried about, let me know and I will be happy to give it extra attention.

All rates are up for discussion within reason.

If you’re interested in either a copy or line edit for your manuscript, or would like to enquire further into the details, then you can e-mail me at sylvia-winters@hotmail.co.uk.

Although I mainly write m/m romance, I will edit any genre you wish to send me. However, for non-fiction manuscripts, I only offer my copy editing service.


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