Prompts: Christmas

It’s almost Christmas! So close to Christmas in fact, that the seasonal discounts are dwindling, you can no longer order anything in in time, and the shops are all out of Christmas bags.

One of my favourite little Christmas memories (which may or may not be accurate, because ten years is a long time to hold a memory straight) is from when me and my then best friend started getting into Wicca (it didn’t last). We were 12 and reading about Yuletide in Silver Ravenwolf’s Teen Witch and came across the Magick Yule Seed Charm. The page tells you to fill a small glass vial with herbs and seeds, to use as a gift or decoration. So we stole two test tubes from the science labs at school and filled them with herbs and spices. Of course, we didn’t follow the instructions. No, in fact, I don’t think we were even looking at the book at all when we made our charms, and for some reason we thought we needed to put egg in there as well. So obviously over the next few days our egg-and-spice test tubes went bad. We took the foil out of one expecting a nice waft of spices, and had to promptly tip the lot out the window. Thank goodness we hadn’t tried giving those as gifts D:

I’m actually looking forward to working Christmas eve. That’s a bit sad, I know, but there’s an upbeat spirit to working Christmas eve, and everyone’s in a good mood. Well, the shop assistants are. The customers perhaps a bit less so if they’ve left everything to the last minute. But in general, it should be a good time, even if most of us would much rather be curled up in front of the telly with mince pies and mulled wine.

Because it’s Christmas, and either I’m in a good mood or I’ve gone completely mental, I’m taking Christmas/winter prompts. Stories will be up to 500 words (supposedly). Please state whether you’d like an m/m, f/f, or m/f story. If you don’t specify then I’ll just do whatever I feel like (:

Happy Christmas (/whichever winter festival you’re celebrating) everyone! And happy winter solstice/end of the world for today 😀

Prompts: Christmas

2 thoughts on “Prompts: Christmas

  1. Nice idea, I doubt I’d be able to stay in the 500 word limit so good luck to that! I won’t be leaving a Christmas prompt, only a few words wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ❤

    (p.s I'm also working on Christmas Eve evening and I will be dressed up as an elf for the occasion ^_^)

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