Shiny Update

The first story I ever wrote for publication was One for Sorrow, about a reaping angel and a grieving human. I wrote this one straight out of uni, in 2011, and it was accepted for LT3’s Something Happened on the Way to Heaven serial anthology.

In just under three weeks’ time, on the 20th of February, Something Happened on the Way to Heaven will be available as a collected anthology. I’ve read a couple of the stories while they were in serial, and they’re pretty damn good. I have to admit I’m not one for serials—I have a short attention span and am easily distracted these days, so I’ll start reading and then just stop, usually right before the end—but I’m looking forward to having the collected version and catching up with the other stories.

I’ve also had a story accepted for LT3’s upcoming serial anthology Rocking Hard. It’s F/F, and about 30k in length, and it is, so far, the hardest thing I’ve written. I absolutely love Alisha and Sian, and enjoyed writing them, but the plot, and especially the ending, gave me so many headaches that I was rather glad to finish it.

It’s late, and Sian should be tucked up in bed when she meets Alisha Hart—beautiful, talented, and the star of a band that’s on its way up. Alisha doesn’t have to worry about curfews or homework or overprotective parents; in fact, she doesn’t seem to care about any rules at all. She makes her own, and lives life her way, something Sian can only dream of. Needless to say that Sian is drawn to her—who wouldn’t be? But love is complicated, something they’re both learning, and if there’s such a thing as fate, it seems dead set against them.

It’ll probably be quite some time before it’s out, and I don’t know exactly when, but I’ll update as and when I learn things.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get off my arse and go over this galley proof, since it’s due tomorrow (procrastination apparently isn’t something that ends when uni does).

Shiny Update

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