The Way to My Heart (Blog Hop!)

Less Than Three Press is turning 4 this month ^^ In celebration, they’ve arranged this blog hop, where LT3 authors talk about the things they love in life.

I have had two real obsessions in my life—the first was Harry Potter along with about half the country (I swear in school this was probably the only book a lot of people read voluntarily). I still love Harry Potter, and it’s something I hold close to my heart. It captured my imagination more than any other book and I can remember a bunch of us all sitting around my friend’s computer reading fanfiction, all at different paces and sniping at each other to hurry up / slow down. It was also where I first discovered slash, although I wouldn’t read or write it until some years later.

The second, more recent obsession is, of course, Supernatural. I caught the pilot late one night on ITV, was sceptical for about the first ten minutes and then quickly fell in love. It was that bit where Sam mentions the pentacle being a symbol of protection—that was when I knew the show would be good and not just more cheesy watchable horror. I didn’t know I’d still be watching it eight years later, of course—back then I don’t think I’d ever liked a show that hadn’t ended or been axed after two or three series.

I watched it with my brother for the first couple of years, encouraging him to stay up past 11 even though he was about ten at the time. Then I went off to uni, streamed it on my laptop, and fell into Dean/Castiel fanfiction early in series 5.

I’m sure loads of you are entirely aware of how amazing a fandom like that can be, and I had so much fun in mine. It taught me (in part) to write, and helped distract me from all those pesky essays. I went to cons, got involved in GISHWHES (part I and the rhino prequel) and inflicted it on spread the joy to most of my friends. I owe a lot to fandom (including my now-short hair … Damn you, GISHWHES!)

My excitement for the show waned somewhere after series 6, and I got a bit bored with 7, but 8 has brought me back and I’m remembering just how amazing this show really is, and why I keep watching it week after week.

Really, there is little I love more in life than a good angst-filled story I can get my teeth into. Especially if there’s magic or monsters involved.

Tell me about the things you love in life, and you can win an e-book copy of The Dog in the Mist (I know, I’ve given this one away before, but I only have two books so far!) Just make sure you leave a valid e-mail address if you want to win. The giveaway will be open through to the end of the blog hop on the 14th. (edit: this giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part!)

You can also click here or on the button at the top of the side-bar to see which other authors are blog hopping. See what makes them happy, and some of them might have more prizes for you to win (:

The Way to My Heart (Blog Hop!)

29 thoughts on “The Way to My Heart (Blog Hop!)

  1. I already have a copy of Dog in the Mist, but everyone who doesn’t should totally comment because it’s awesome. I really love cooking, it’s my stress relief. When I’m having a hard day or things seem too overwhelming I usually cook something nice, the more complicated the better actually. It’s the way I unwind.

    1. Sylvia A. Winters says:

      Aw, thanks ^^
      Cooking is very soothing. I’d love to get into it more tbh but our kitchen is so small there just isn’t enough space to do much more than shove something in the oven. Although possibly this is an excuse I use for my laziness.

  2. I started writing for the first time thanks to Harry Potter fanfiction! I wouldn’t be working with LT3 at all right now if it weren’t for everything I learned about plot and story building from working with Harry and his friends.

    1. Sylvia A. Winters says:

      ^^ That’s awesome. Fanfic communities are so great for that, and HP is such an awesome world to work in because there’s just so much to it.

    1. Sylvia A. Winters says:

      I used to have to share the books with my sister, but after a bit I just refused. They were mine! My precious! She got the DVDs, but I’m not all that keen on the films (although they’re a good giggle with friends and pizza). I’m very picky about who touches my HP books, even though most of them really are falling to pieces 😛
      I’ve heard good things about Arrow, but haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. Perhaps I should look it up some time.

  3. Kayla says:

    Here’s where I prove I’m a total nerd (but considering the people who will read this, y’all probably understand this completely). I used to go to Harry Potter midnight release parties–not to the theatre to see the movies, but at the bookstores to get the newest book at 12:00:01. Those were amazing days… 🙂

    I LOVE Supernatural! But I stopped watching after Season 5. I miss the old days where it was more about the Sam-Dean-Dad issues and fighting a new monster every episode.

    And while I’m busy chatting you up, I started writing gay romance in the fanfics, writing about Adam Lambert and eventually My Chemical Romance on LiveJournal. It’s a great place to get encouragement from your readers!

    Finally… write now, I’m in love with the music from The Lion King 1 & 2. I’m listening to them play while I type, lol.

    1. Sylvia A. Winters says:

      Oh man, I’m so jealous. I only got to go to one midnight book collection, for the last one, because before that I was a bit young and my mum didn’t want to take me into town at midnight ): Also because my town at the point is the dullest place on earth, it wasn’t that amazing. Getting the book was nice though ^^

      I did like the old series, but I actually think series 4 and 5 are my favourites, because I love the angels.

      Yeah, people are so lovely in fanfic!

      Aw, lion king ^^ those were my favourite videos when I was a kid.

  4. H.B. says:

    I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with Supernatural anymore but I found it was kind of scary and best watched in the dark.

    I love music. I never go a day without putting some on, singing a little or even humming a tune. At random moments of the day I sometimes breakout in song (usually happens when I’m near someone and they are doing something to make me remember the lyrics). Other times I’m just humming my own tunes that I make up in my head.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

    1. Sylvia A. Winters says:

      I think I only ever found the bloody mary episode scary. The rest I can handle, often it’s that very jolly horror that just takes so much joy out of ripping the shit out of someone ^^ Although sometimes it can be quite dark and creepy, especially in the earlier seasons.

      XD Wow your life is a musical! Awesome ^^

  5. I loved Supernatural as well, but stopped watching it after season 5 or 6, cause the main plot was going too slow for my tastes. Hmmm… you made me want to watch it again 😛
    Things I love in life – that’s a tough question. I’d have to go with art and reading for the top place. But I love music, crafting and baking too. As well as foreign languages, fashion, design, nail art and DYI LOL

    1. Sylvia A. Winters says:

      You should. 8 is SO much better than 6 and 7. I reckon 6 just had too much stuff crammed in they didn’t know what to do with, and 7 didn’t have nearly enough. But 8 has a good balance of plot threads I think, and a pretty good pace to it.
      DIY? Oh god, just thinking about that sort of thing terrifies me. You are so brave 😛

      1. Sylvia A. Winters says:

        Ooh, that looks interesting, although I’m not sure what it is? 😛
        Ooh, doing some preperation for the new Who series are we? Reminds me I’d better set that onto series record.

      2. umm… I don’t really know the right English term for that. Filter? Percolator? No idea. It for draining the excess water and at the same time mold the cellulose into a uniform mass when making your own homemade paper. Don’t know what I’ll use that paper for, but I’m all for recycling 😛
        Oh, God, yes. Can’t wait for the new season. Although if I see one more Dalek I might go insane.

      3. Sylvia A. Winters says:

        Oh, it’s to make paper? Wow! That’s very cool ^^
        Haha, well there weren’t any in tonight’s episode, but I’m sure they’ll trundle them out again at some point.

  6. Trix says:

    I really love cooking and baking, too (and lately I’ve gotten on an ice cream-making kick)! Also can’t live without books, music, and hockey!


    1. Sylvia A. Winters says:

      Yay! I’d rec you some but I only know the old popular ones that everyone knows :/ Or at least, those are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head 😛

  7. I haven’t seen many of the SPN episodes myself but my God, those boys are fantastic. I’ve reblogged more than a few things that made me stop and wonder if I should reconsider the ban on satellite TV. As for the things I have questionable fascination for I would have to say that swords top the list. ❤

    1. Sylvia A. Winters says:

      They really are ❤ Maybe you should borrow the DVDs off someone if you don't want satellite, if only for drooling purposes.
      Swords are wicked cool ^^

  8. I adore Supernatural as well. But I gotta admit, I’m more of a Sam/Dean pairing person (they just complete each other so damn well). Lol.

    I’m also a Harry Potter Fan. (Draco and Harry. Yummy).

    But other than scoping the movies and books looking for unfortunately male characters to pair up, I love reading, writing, listening to music, reading mangas, watching Animes, being addicted to Series.

    1. Sylvia A. Winters says:

      I do love a bit of good old fashioned Sam/Dean Wincest as well, I have to admit. The darker the better ^^ Tbh I can pair Dean with just about anyone and everyone, but Cas/Dean is like, my ‘serious’ ship 😛

      Lol I think Draco/Harry could be hilarious. With Malfoy all ‘I hate you, Potter. Pleeeaaase pay attention to me’. I’ve not read much HP fic that isn’t completely cracky tbh, except Marauders stuff, because I love Sirius/Remus. So good and angsty.

  9. Carolyn says:

    Things I love (besides the obvious of family and reading) include board games (word games like Scrabble and Boggle are favorites), news stories about awesome kids who are changing the world (I’ll try not to break out in that Whitney Houston classic), anything that makes me cry happy tears (those reunion shows have my number), stickers (I probably scrapbook just so I can buy cute stickers), and whiskers on kittens. Okay, that last one was just a joke, but we do have a pretty awesome cat, even if I’m really a dog person.

    Thanks for sharing with us, both your words and the bloghop prize of your e-book!

  10. cecille says:

    I’m with you on the loving a series and eventually discovering the fan fiction. Even though the anime series “Weiss Kreuz” was shown 15 years ago, I am still in love with the Youji and Aya pairing. It totally makes my day when I encounter well-written and recently posted fan fic on this couple so many years after the show ended.

    freifallen at yahoo dot com

  11. Penumbra says:

    I love Harry Potter. I’ve written a few HP fanfics and that happened because I was encouraged by another HP fanfic writer. I would have never done it if it wasn’t for her 🙂


  12. Vivian says:

    Haha I love Harry Potter too! Though somehow (and somewhere along the way) that’s translated into a love for Drarry… 😀 In relation to your reply up there ^ yes you’ve probably got it spot on! That just about sums up their relationship… hehe. But I have no words for how much I love Drarry *happy sigh. Hmm but other than that, I love reading really ridiculously cute yaoi 🙂

    I’m not sure I made this giveaway since it’s right on the 17th, but oh well, I tried.

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