Hello, Bristol

Sometimes, life can surprise you. Less than a week after I quit my job and moved out of my lovely house in Plymouth, I was offered a job in a cinema in Bristol, and timing being truly excellent, my sister’s flatmate had just moved out and was looking for someone to sublet their room for the next six weeks. After about two years of job hunting and getting nothing but Christmas contracts and the job I’ve hated for the past 13 months, the timing really could not be better and I’m reminded that on occasion, life can be really fucking amazing.

So I moved in yesterday, got my stuff all settled and am spending this week catching up with a few friends and getting a bit of editing done.

I’m looking forward to a life in Bristol. Hopefully the change of scene will make me more creative and productive and all that. At least I’ll be able to get to know this place properly and have another setting for my stories ^_^

Spring 2013 (last of Plymouth) 032

Hopefully I’ll also have more money for alcohol, because right now I’m a little tipsy after just one piddly whiskey and coke. This is unacceptable. To the pub!

Spring 2013 (last of Plymouth) 011

Hello, Bristol

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