Moving (again)

Two weeks ago I had to move house again. My sister’s lease came to an end and she’s now off in Thailand doing far more adventurous things than I. So I had to move all my stuff across Bristol to my new house (I also had to shift most of her stuff as well, but thankfully all that lot is not at mine).

It’s gotten to that point now where I’m not rushing around quite so much and things are beginning to settle down, but I haven’t quite settled in yet. I’m not sure what I think of my new house (but then, it is only a six month deal), and I’m still trying to make friends here (which, thank fuck, is not as impossible as it was at my old workplace).

Meanwhile I’m doing little things like putting up desks and bookshelves and sorting out my room, and trying to keep semi-busy so I don’t just crash and die of boredom.

I’m no longer poor, which is pretty fucking ace, I must say. I no longer have to stand in the tinned section and weigh up the pros and cons between baked beans and vegetable soup; now I can just have both! (I know, I’m such a spoilt bitch). Not that I have loads of money, but I have enough to be comfortable and not worry about it too much, which is such a relief. It’s so sad how money problems can wear you down; at the end of the day money’s all just digits and bits of paper, but unless you’re some chilled out hippie with a van that runs on fresh air, you need it, and not having it makes the day-to-day so much harder.

Earlier this month I turned 23. It wasn’t that a big a deal; the last birthday wasn’t either. I think I’ve reached that boring old fart stage now where I don’t get excited about these things. Although presents and cake are still nice ^_^

I may have some more writing-type news for you guys soon, but to be honest I’ve not been massively productive these past few months. Really, this is just a little life update thingy, not that interesting but I’m in one of those super annoying talkative moods today.

I hope you’re all well (my 2 readers). Peace out (:

Moving (again)

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