Happy (slightly early) 2014!

Now that we have finally emerged on the other side of Christmas, things are beginning to quieten down and I have time (and the internet at my mum’s house) to update this blog and wish you all a happy end of December and new year (:

This year has pretty much turned everything around for me. In January I was working a miserable job where no one talked to me and it was a good day if a customer said hello back when I greeted them. I had no money (something that I’m sure everyone who reads this blog or follows me on twitter knows by now, because I do like to whine about things :P), and next to no social life because of this. Then I finally plucked up the courage to cut my ties with what had become a dying town and suddenly I found myself with a job I don’t hate, enough money and, surprise surprise, a social life outside of my rats and my housemates. And now I have a flat I can actually call my own (sort of; I am still renting, but it feels like mine).

I’ve now finished moving house for the fourth and final time this year. All my stuff is now in the new flat I’m sharing with Jay Robin (she’s the mad woman pole-dancing in the attic). Now I just need to actually put it all away so she has room to move her stuff in. This is a very, very slow process, because I am incredibly lazy and mostly I’m just spending my time watching the kebab shop opposite (who needs TV and internet?) …Pretty sure we saw the British version of Heisenberg hanging around outside with a pot plant.

Now I feel like I am properly set up in this city and no longer just staying here. I’m out of temporary accommodation and now I actually live here and have made a home here. Probably the most exciting thing is we now have an office ^_^ Hopefully this means creativity shall thrive (although it’s quite likely I will find some excuse to never go up there unless I really need a pen).

Next year should be a bit quieter than this one, and I’m hoping for a rather chilled out January. I have an e-book out on the 8th of that month, The Lightning Moon (which you can now pre-order), about Arrow, a witch who uses his powers to help in his rather unethical job, and a lonely widower who happens to be the brother of one of the people Arrow is tracking down. Other than that, I have very little in my schedule, and that’s exactly how I want it (:

Happy (slightly early) 2014!

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