Freebie: The Ticking Heart

It looks like I have all the books out this week. As well as part one of my serial Rocking Hard story, I also have a little freebie now up on the LT3 site called The Ticking Heart. It’s about an inventor, Vincent, who’s trying to create a clockwork man but keeps getting it wrong, and meanwhile keeps pushing away his assistant, Samuel, who cares for Vincent but disapproves of this latest work.

The Ticking Heart is a steampunky short of 7,000 words, and you can download it for free here (: Yay!


Vincent Gabriel is an inventor; his newest invention a clockwork-humanoid prototype he has spent the greater part of a decade designing and creating, the long working hours filling a void within himself. His assistant, Samuel, however, is less than pleased with the new invention.

As Vincent’s creation falls apart, so too does the delicate relationship between the two men. Their differences threaten to overcome them, their actions pushing them so far apart that neither knows where they stand.

Freebie: The Ticking Heart

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