Goth Christmas

This post is brought to you by a variety of energy drinks and coffee. I’ve slept just 6 hours out of the last 55, thanks to a delightful switch from night working to day working. But at least I learnt something: I actually can fall asleep standing up.

Jay and I have been in our flat for a year this month. We’ve tidied a handful of times, had two successful house parties, and witnessed many fights and falling-down-drunk people in the street outside. This is still my main source of entertainment, despite having been fully connected to the internet for the last six months.

We have now put up our Christmas tree! We didn’t have one last year because we were still in the process of moving in. It looks so purple and pretty (: Although I’m really just hoping the rats don’t chew through the fairy lights. Or our house mouse, Roderick, who’s running around under the floorboards somewhere. We tried to capture him tonight, but he’s too quick and smart for us. I suspect he’s been here longer than we have and it would be pretty harsh to put him out in the cold over Christmas (although he doesn’t celebrate it——he’s a Satanist).

Goth Christmas

I’ve been writing a lot more lately, despite the temperature in our flat being low enough that my fingers go numb and I have to wear two pairs of gloves and about seventeen jumpers. I look like a big squishy balloon.

I’m hoping to be finished with one of my projects soon, and can maybe tell you more in a couple of months or so (I won’t say anything now just I case I don’t actually get it finished). This is my main goal this month and resolution for the new year (and for life): get shit finished. I should be done with a rough draft in a couple of weeks. I’ve booked holiday and everything, so there’s no excuse, not even Christmas.

Goth Christmas

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