Back on Track

Well, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. Not that sorry, mind, just sorry enough that I can look at the entry date of my last post and tut slightly.

I started this year on a bit of a down note, after rescuing some rats and having one of them die on me like five days in. Since then, however, things have picked up a lot. The remaining rat from the pair has come on in bounds, and after starting out as the most timid, bitey thing I’ve ever looked after, is now always first to demand to come out and be held, and scrabbles through my clothes like some sort of tiny clawed demon.

I also have a new job in a library (the acronym of which is the ASS library, which I feel is wholly appropriate) and it’s pretty much my dream place of work. It’s so quiet in the evenings there I have just been using a lot of my time to write. It also means the weird, irregular, long and breakless hours of my last job have been cut down considerably to one day a week, which might account for my new energy and zeal for writing.

And finally after about a year and a half of lamenting over how I wasn’t writing properly (I’d write bits and pieces once in a while and leave them all unfinished), I’m back at it again. I’ve finished two novellette/novellas in the last four months (okay, one of those I started quite a while ago), although I haven’t done anything with either of them yet, and they both need editing. I really love the last one though. I had such a great time writing it and the characters are probably some of my favourites.

So really I’ve been doing all of the things, including a short trip to London for a Sherlock Holmes exhibition and some morbid tourist things, Whitechapel and Highgate and also the awesome Cereal Killer cafe. I’ve never been a big cereal person, but Lucky Charms are actually awesome. We also stopped by a market and there was a stall full of guns (out of action or replicas, of course, I hope…) including an 18th century flintlock pistol, which the stall owner saw me eyeing up and kindly showed me how to work. It was a lot heavier than I’d realised. I was too scared to pull the trigger though; it would be just my luck to accidentally shoot some old dear (even if it was just a replica, I’d probably manage it somehow).

I also got to see Placebo on their Loud Like Love tour, which really goes up there on my list of best nights of all time. Props to Jay Robin for getting up super early, poised and in position to get us tickets the minute they went on sale!

I’m hoping to explore more places and stuff as well in my own city. Working in the library is great as people there really know the centre and seem to have an appreciation for morbid places. There is a pub that was once used to house prisoners waiting to be hanged, and a roundabout that used to be the public green for executions, which will be the perfect place to visit after writing this last story (I spent about twelve hours researching the 18th century court system for the damn thing).

In short, things are going well, getting back on track, and I hope to have more for you soon. Watch this space. Hopefully my writing mojo won’t run out again (;

Back on Track

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