So, election day and the country has gone primarily to the Tories. I’m not bitter… Nope, not a bit. I am incredibly proud however to be part of one of the few red constituencies in the south of England, and a constituency where Greens came in a good solid second and UKIP failed miserably. I’m still incredibly disappointed with the overall outcome though, and frankly I’m feeling a little sick. I imagine a lot of people across the country are feeling the same way right now.

In better news my story about 18th century Welsh highwaymen has been accepted by Less Than Three Press for publication. The story is about three siblings, trying to make their way in a world that neither wants nor needs them, and is based on the legend of the robber’s cave at Devil’s Falls, which by the way, is a truly beautiful place, and if you’re ever in the country, I highly recommend visiting. This one was something I had in my head for a while, and although it required a good deal of research, I had a lot of fun writing it and am thrilled it’s been accepted. You’ll be hearing more about this before too long, I am sure (:

Now I’m going to go and immerse myself in fantasy worlds and try to block out the events of the last couple of days. Good night, and for my UK readers, keep strong and finish that bottle of wine.


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