General Complaints

We have a bunny staying with us for a while. He’s a sweetheart but he’s not happy with me at the moment as I’m ill and I’ve been sleeping pretty much all weekend so he’s just been stuck in his cage. I’d leave him out but he poops on the bed constantly, something to do with scent marking which he doesn’t do anywhere else. He’s a pretty tidy bun otherwise. It’s just my bed. Which, you know, I kind of like my bed not covered in rabbit poo. I’m getting him a bigger cage soon though and I might end up just penning off my bed in the long run so I don’t have to watch him the whole time.

This month hasn’t started out very well. I finally got my eyebrow piercing redone and it was healing great, then I go out for the first time since new year and get headbutted right in that exact spot, so it looks a mess again now. Now I’m ill with a fucking ugly cold, our internet’s abysmal (mostly non-existent), the boiler’s dead so it’s freezing and we can’t dry our clothes; the light in the bathroom is broken so we’ve been showering by candlelight all week, the roof’s been leaking since November, and today it was so windy outside that the house was shaking all morning.

With the internet out I’ve been reading a lot recently. My preference when I get home from work is to crawl into bed with a cup of tea and Netflix. Watching things just doesn’t take the same level of concentration as reading. But reading was my first love, and I always think it’s a shame I don’t read as much as I used to. This year though I’ve kicked off the Goodreads reading challenge with 4 books in one month, which is probably nothing to some of you, but I’m pretty pleased with, and I’m still working my way through Children Who Kill, which is surprisingly good bedtime reading.

I just recently sent back the final main edits of Bat’s Children, so now it’s just the copy edits and then the final read through to go until it’s ready for the world. I’m crossing my fingers that people will like this one. It’s probably my favourite of anything I’ve written so far, despite it being such a pain in the arse research-wise.

I’m going to wrap up this post now, because it’s basically my sad old lady bedtime and the rats still need to come out for some evening free roaming time. Well, the younger one does, the two old ladies usually couldn’t give a shit if they come out or not. Ren, the fatty of the group, often just takes herself back to bed after I get her out anyway. Old rats are the best :3

General Complaints

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