I’ve been writing a lot this week. I won’t say what I’m writing, because doing that always kills the idea. It’s been almost a year since I was getting into the swing of writing Bat’s Children, and it’s nice to be at it again. I always write with a big grin on my face, because it makes me so happy, like this is what I’m meant to be doing, even if I can’t actually bear to read back over it for a while, because the first draft is always fairly horrible (and in this case it’s especially bad, with chapters all out of place, one character’s point of view lagging several days behind the others’).

I’ve also been reading a lot, which is nice, although I can’t really kid myself about it, I’m only reading this much because the internet’s been out since Christmas (thanks for that, Santa!) I’ve done a bit of protesting, although not very much. The amount of protests lately is insane. Now the Tories have full reign and seem to be trying to dismantle most of the more socialist elements of our society, there’s a protest practically every week (okay, well, at least every month). This last one was to support the doctors’ strike, which is happening tomorrow. People are talking about baking cakes and making tea for the strikers, which is fucking adorable. I won’t join in; my cake-making abilities are fairly abysmal.

The weather’s beginning to change now. The mornings brighter, the evening light lasting longer. It makes the journey to work that little more bearable, and it’s nice to be walking up the driveway with all the squirrels darting around between trees and the birds singing up in the branches. It almost makes me feel as though I’m not living in an overcrowded, polluted city.

The rabbit I took in at the beginning of last month is doing well. He acts like a little puppy, always bounding around and playing and I have to watch him or he’ll be on my bed pooping away or pulling away the sheet I’ve thrown over his pen to keep him in at night. He follows me around when I leave the room, and comes running when called (admittedly, I often have to call several times, click my fingers and pat the ground); probably he does this just because he thinks I might be going to get him some food.

I’ve given over most of my bedroom to this strange little beast now. He has a good half of it and I’m stuck clambering over my clothes chest every time I want to get in or out of the door. It’s worth it, though, so he can hop and stretch and not be stuck in the tiny cramped cage he was kept in before. I’m still a few feet short of meeting his space needs, but hopefully I’ll have that fixed when his new cage arrives and I can double them up.

Having him around means I eat so much more healthily now, since the fridge is always fully stocked with greens for him to eat, whereas normally I won’t buy much because half the bag will always go off. The rats quite enjoy the occasional treat of spinach or romaine lettuce, too, and they seem to even like me better if I come in smelling of rabbit.

It’s amazing how much more visitors want to cuddle the rabbit than the rats. Even though the rabbit is far more likely to poop on them or chew their clothes, is less cuddly and can’t really be picked up, people just get nervous around the rats, even Ren, who adores people and is the cuddliest little rat I’ve ever owned. Perhaps I’ve just shared too many stories of my pink eyed rat, who’s a little insane and will bite and throw herself into solid objects; I rarely get her out if there’s other people around (not for the sake of the people, of course, but because she’d be scared). The girls are all getting on a bit now, though; Deci (the pink eyed white) most noticeably so; she recently hit two years and is now my longest living rat, and her back legs are going and the cage is full of ladders to help her get around. Ren will be two in a few months and has gone from a tiny, runty little thing to the biggest rat in the mischief who can no longer (or can’t be bothered to) haul her weight all the way up from my ankle to my shoulder as I walk past, the way she used to when she was a baby, and often takes herself back to the cage before free roaming time is over. She’s not quite my fattest rat ever, but not far off either; this makes her a pretty great shoulder rat, where Deci would just fall off and Hali won’t sit still enough. Hali, too, is slowing down, although she still demands a good amount of free range time while the others couldn’t give a shit if they go out or not, and I frequently find her hiding behind the fridge at the other end of the room. They’re all enjoying their old age, though, long naps in between snacks, seems like the good life.

I didn’t intend to make a post about my animal horde, but they’re just a big chunk of my life, I guess–my little miniature family. And they’re all so cute ❤





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