Cover Reveal: Bat’s Children

A few days ago I was sent the finalised cover for Bat’s Children, and I have to say it fits the mood of the story perfectly, all shadows and a stark winter landscape.

Bat’s Children is a story I started way back in 2013, set in early 18th century Wales, about three siblings who make a living by robbing carriages and foot travellers. The story focuses on Arwel, the eldest of the three, and his relationship with Tomi, a local pawnbroker. Arwel and his siblings lead a difficult life, though, and it’s fraught with danger, danger that threatens to destroy everything Arwel holds dear.

I had so much fun writing this story, and a lot of hair-tearing moments in researching the time period, including a phone call to my Dad that went much like this: “So Dad, what do you know about Aberystwyth in the 1700s?” “Well, in the 1960s…” No. You are 250 years off the mark.

Anyway, check it out!


Cover art by Aisha Akeju.

Bat’s Children has a tentative release date of July 2016.


Cover Reveal: Bat’s Children

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