Little Updates: Hens, Rats, and Bats

The last couple of weeks I’ve been fairly busy doing various things, most of it not particularly interesting, I have to say. It was one of my best friends’ hen night last weekend, and we headed down to one of those live action puzzle rooms, which was amazing. We made it out with just over a minute to spare, and spent the rest of the day eating good food and drinking far too many cocktails.

The weather’s warming up here in the UK, although of course it’s intermittently dampened by rain, so the leak in our ceiling still isn’t getting any better. I’m spending the bank holiday today pretty much just waiting for a phone call from the vet, as I had to rush in little Hali for her respiratory issues and she’s currently chilling out in one of their oxygen tanks. She might well be there overnight, but we’ll see.

I sent back the changes from my copy editor on Bat’s Children last week, and that’s now available for preorder. It releases on July the 6th, so there’s still plenty of time to get your discount, although time seems to be just slipping by now that we’re nearly halfway into the year. It’s also now listed on Goodreads.

The Lightning Moon has just been translated into Spanish, under the new title of La luna del relámpago, which I think sounds very dramatic.

And something I’ve been reading this week is Jack of Thorns, a really fantastic story about psychics and gods, and of course romance. It’s the first in a series, which would normally put me off, but now I’m just glad there’s going to be more. This is definitely one of my favourite stories I’ve read so far this year. Much recommend.

Little Updates: Hens, Rats, and Bats

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