The Problem with Pets

This week has kind of sucked. My oldest rat, Deci, died the other night. I knew it was coming, but I thought I had more time. Deci garlicI always think I have more time than I really do with my animals. Maybe everyone does. I’m going to miss that crazy old rat. When I got her, I really wondered what I’d let myself in for, because she was so frightened and bitey and I had exactly zero experience with that sort of behaviour. I’m so glad I did get her though and persevered because she was amazing, and she ended up a very trusting and confident rat. Never really normal though. I don’t think I’ll ever meet another rat as weird as her.


Rico’s gone as well now. He’s found his new home, which is great, but the lounge feels kind of empty without him and I keep having to check myself because I’ve gotten used to him being a part of my daily routine. IMG_1638 I’m pretty lucky with the home I found though, because he’s gone with my aunt and uncle in Wales, so I’ll get to see him now and again, and I know how good they are with animals. He’ll have loads of space and other bunny friends. It’ll be great for him up there. For a while they weren’t sure they wanted another rabbit, but my aunt and cousin managed to convince my uncle, and he totally fell in love with Rico as soon as he met him. Who wouldn’t? I’m getting lots of updates about him already, and apparently he’s already settling in and is having a great time running around outside, eating grass and cuddling with his new humans. He hasn’t met the other buns yet because his hormones haven’t settled from his op, so that’ll be next month. Fingers crossed it all goes well! It sounds like he’ll also have his own pet, because my dad said something about a blind chick that lives in with the rabbits. Why it doesn’t live with the other chickens, I’ve no idea.


It all feels very quiet here now, but I still have my Ren, and the new foster girls I picked up the other week. The newbies, Mahogany and Porcelain, are quite skittish as they haven’t been handled much before, so I’m taking things quite slow with them. They’re used to me stroking them now. Well, a bit. Not so much with the picking up though. Hopefully by the end of next week they’ll be more at ease with it all. We’ll see.

The Problem with Pets

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