Turn of the Wheel

This week has been… interesting. Jay Robin announced that she’s moving out. Which means this weekend is going to be a flurry of cleaning so I can take photographs to persuade people that this is a decent and respectable place to live. Or something like that.

I’ve got time. She’s not just clicking her fingers and vanishing into thin air, but still the clock is ticking and I want to find a decent human being and not some cave troll of the sort I have unfortunately found myself living with in the past. Not wanting meat in the house might slow things down. The veggie/vegan list on Spare Room is about ten times shorter than the omni list. Still, if I get this right, I’ll end up with a new friend (:

One of my best friends from uni announced she’s getting married next year and asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, which was pretty cool. It means a trip to Australia so the saving starts now. I’m pretty excited because not only will I get to see her and her new (okay, not so new since she’s been there for three years) life out there, I’ll get to explore the other side of the world! I just need to get hold of a flamethrower and some heavy duty spider repellent because she couldn’t live in a nice, safe city; instead she’s right in the outback where all the really nasty things lurk. The upside of that is maybe I’ll get to see a crocodile! Might not go swimming though…

I’ve also booked a trip to Ireland next month, which is less exotic than Australia, but somewhere I’ve never been and always wanted to go, and I’ll get to hang out with a cousin I haven’t seen in a fair while. Might even see a fairy road.

I’m also planning a few more tattoos, including one I’ll hopefully get in Melbourne next year after this wedding (it’s probably going to be a crocodile, not gonna lie – big up tourist tattoos).

There’s a fair amount to look forward to at the moment, and also a fair amount to stress me the fuck out, so it’s been quite a mixed week all in all. I’ll be a little more relaxed once I’ve got some adverts up for the room and I can feel like I’m being proactive. According to my recent tarot reading I’m the eight of swords, hanging there while the wheel of fortune turns. I tack my readings to my wall so those cards are just staring down at me, reminding me that I need to start doing something. So far all I’ve done is bought a mop.

Wish me luck!

Turn of the Wheel

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