Glastonbury Frost Fayre

What better way to celebrate the fullness of winter than with a fayre? IMG_3330Glastonbury Frost Fayre is an annual event that draws visitors in from miles around. We spent two hours on a bus to get to Glastonbury (thanks Bristol traffic), but it was so worth it.

Glastonbury is one of my favourite places in the UK, and it was the place I’d always ask to go if I ever got a choice of day trip location when I was younger. If you’ve never been, it’s basically a small witchy town, steeped in myth and religious history, and the local businesses are pretty much all built off that.

Of course upon arrival we immediately made a beeline for the mulled cider stall (the best thing about winter of course) and warmed our hands around the cups whilst watching the Morris dancers.


Later, we met up with some friends and checked out some bands, had a mosey at the abbey, and watched some more Morris dancing. I refilled my incense supplies, had a giggle at the rather insulting horoscope candles in Star Child (bossy, moi?) and purchased a new notebook.


I had meant to pick up a bunch of Christmas presents, but the cider depleted my cash quicker than I expected, and as is usually the way with these things, I could see lots of things that I wanted, but nothing anyone I knew would, so it’s back to the drawing board on that front.

We ended the day by watching the sun set over the high street. The town’s Christmas lights were turned on, and we drank more mulled cider and danced a little, mainly to keep warm. We were pretty tired by the time we headed home, and we were definitely all eager to get back in the warm. The day was a nice reminder that winter can be fun. It’s not just mouldy walls and staying in bed all day because it’s too cold to get out from under the blankets. There’s roast chestnuts, dark, cosy evenings, Christmas lights and markets every other day. And if anything makes the hard times worth it, it’s definitely mulled cider.

Glastonbury Frost Fayre

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