Happy (slightly early) 2014!

Now that we have finally emerged on the other side of Christmas, things are beginning to quieten down and I have time (and the internet at my mum’s house) to update this blog and wish you all a happy end of December and new year (:

This year has pretty much turned everything around for me. In January I was working a miserable job where no one talked to me and it was a good day if a customer said hello back when I greeted them. I had no money (something that I’m sure everyone who reads this blog or follows me on twitter knows by now, because I do like to whine about things :P), and next to no social life because of this. Then I finally plucked up the courage to cut my ties with what had become a dying town and suddenly I found myself with a job I don’t hate, enough money and, surprise surprise, a social life outside of my rats and my housemates. And now I have a flat I can actually call my own (sort of; I am still renting, but it feels like mine).

I’ve now finished moving house for the fourth and final time this year. All my stuff is now in the new flat I’m sharing with Jay Robin (she’s the mad woman pole-dancing in the attic). Now I just need to actually put it all away so she has room to move her stuff in. This is a very, very slow process, because I am incredibly lazy and mostly I’m just spending my time watching the kebab shop opposite (who needs TV and internet?) …Pretty sure we saw the British version of Heisenberg hanging around outside with a pot plant.

Now I feel like I am properly set up in this city and no longer just staying here. I’m out of temporary accommodation and now I actually live here and have made a home here. Probably the most exciting thing is we now have an office ^_^ Hopefully this means creativity shall thrive (although it’s quite likely I will find some excuse to never go up there unless I really need a pen).

Next year should be a bit quieter than this one, and I’m hoping for a rather chilled out January. I have an e-book out on the 8th of that month, The Lightning Moon (which you can now pre-order), about Arrow, a witch who uses his powers to help in his rather unethical job, and a lonely widower who happens to be the brother of one of the people Arrow is tracking down. Other than that, I have very little in my schedule, and that’s exactly how I want it (:

Happy (slightly early) 2014!

Moving (again)

Two weeks ago I had to move house again. My sister’s lease came to an end and she’s now off in Thailand doing far more adventurous things than I. So I had to move all my stuff across Bristol to my new house (I also had to shift most of her stuff as well, but thankfully all that lot is not at mine).

It’s gotten to that point now where I’m not rushing around quite so much and things are beginning to settle down, but I haven’t quite settled in yet. I’m not sure what I think of my new house (but then, it is only a six month deal), and I’m still trying to make friends here (which, thank fuck, is not as impossible as it was at my old workplace).

Meanwhile I’m doing little things like putting up desks and bookshelves and sorting out my room, and trying to keep semi-busy so I don’t just crash and die of boredom.

I’m no longer poor, which is pretty fucking ace, I must say. I no longer have to stand in the tinned section and weigh up the pros and cons between baked beans and vegetable soup; now I can just have both! (I know, I’m such a spoilt bitch). Not that I have loads of money, but I have enough to be comfortable and not worry about it too much, which is such a relief. It’s so sad how money problems can wear you down; at the end of the day money’s all just digits and bits of paper, but unless you’re some chilled out hippie with a van that runs on fresh air, you need it, and not having it makes the day-to-day so much harder.

Earlier this month I turned 23. It wasn’t that a big a deal; the last birthday wasn’t either. I think I’ve reached that boring old fart stage now where I don’t get excited about these things. Although presents and cake are still nice ^_^

I may have some more writing-type news for you guys soon, but to be honest I’ve not been massively productive these past few months. Really, this is just a little life update thingy, not that interesting but I’m in one of those super annoying talkative moods today.

I hope you’re all well (my 2 readers). Peace out (:

Moving (again)

Hello, Bristol

Sometimes, life can surprise you. Less than a week after I quit my job and moved out of my lovely house in Plymouth, I was offered a job in a cinema in Bristol, and timing being truly excellent, my sister’s flatmate had just moved out and was looking for someone to sublet their room for the next six weeks. After about two years of job hunting and getting nothing but Christmas contracts and the job I’ve hated for the past 13 months, the timing really could not be better and I’m reminded that on occasion, life can be really fucking amazing.

So I moved in yesterday, got my stuff all settled and am spending this week catching up with a few friends and getting a bit of editing done.

I’m looking forward to a life in Bristol. Hopefully the change of scene will make me more creative and productive and all that. At least I’ll be able to get to know this place properly and have another setting for my stories ^_^

Spring 2013 (last of Plymouth) 032

Hopefully I’ll also have more money for alcohol, because right now I’m a little tipsy after just one piddly whiskey and coke. This is unacceptable. To the pub!

Spring 2013 (last of Plymouth) 011

Hello, Bristol

Farewell, Plymouth

Over the last week I’ve said goodbye to the city that’s been my home for the past five years, to the housemates I’ve lived with almost as long as I’ve been there, and to my shitty job which, frankly, I wasn’t that sorry to say goodbye to. Now I’m back at my mum’s house in a bid to pay off some of the money I owe and looking to Bristol as my future.

Spring 2013 (last of Plymouth) 072

Hopefully this will be a very short chapter of my life. I don’t know how long I can stand my dog rummaging through all my stuff hoping to find tissues or paper he can eat, or my cat walking over me to get to my bedroom window, or my brother yelling “Teabag him!” to his WoW buddies at three in the morning.

It’s a strange feeling, really, and I don’t know what to do with myself now I’m here (“Hey, how about that editing or that job hunting you were going to d—” “Shhh!“), although I’m fairly confident I’ll be kept occupied enough, if only by semi-regular trips to Exeter and Plymouth. And writing, but that goes without saying, really. Maybe while I’m here I can finally research a vampire story I’ve had planned for a while.

Farewell, Plymouth

Up in That There London.

Well, this week has been somewhat eventful and a little bit crazy. The gist of which is this:

Sunday I went up to London on the ever-so-classy megabus for an interview on Monday. I got the job, but what it turned out to be was a really dodgy sales job rather than the proper lettings agent job I thought it to be, so I spent three days (unpaid, by the way, and without so much as a fifteen minute break in what turned out to be ten-hour days) doing this before I decided there was no way I could keep at it, and it wasn’t worth the money I was spending on all-zone travel cards, and quit.

london-rats 109

I did, however, get to see some of London, although mostly it was the inside of tube stations and one really dodgy area where the house I had to sell was (there was actually a police car blocking the road when I was trying to show clients around x_x).

Other than that though, London was pretty good. The office was very cool and full of Polish and Spanish people (which is very exciting for someone who grew up in a town where about 98% of the population is white British). And the tubes! Oh my god, I think the longest I ever had to wait for transport within London was three minutes. Of course there was the downside of being hemmed in like sardines and trying not to touch people or breathe in one lady’s overpowering garlic breath, but I did remember to stand on the right side of the escalators this time and didn’t get in anyone’s way too much ^^

All in all, it was an interesting experience, and I feel it was the kind of break I needed from my life; a week of being somebody else, somewhere else, makes the everyday so much more bearable. Although of course, I am now once again skint, despite working so much overtime this month. I was so glad to get back to Plymouth though, with my own bed and my rats, and my shitty job which suddenly doesn’t seem quite so bad. At least it’s more or less honest, anyway.

And in other news, Something Happened on the Way to Heaven, which contains my F/F story, One for Sorrow,  is now also in paperback!

Unfortunately this week has pretty much wiped out all my time for LT3’s Proud to be a Vampire submission call, but maybe I’ll finish that story some other time. Right now, I have a couple of new ideas I want to play with instead ^^

For today though, I’m going to do absolutely fuck all except veg in front of the laptop with crisps and tea. See, there is an upside to not having a proper job =P

Up in That There London.


Happy New Year!

This is the first new year that has actually meant something for me. My first year where I’m not living by academic time, where the year doesn’t begin with September and a boxful of new books.

If you’ve been following me on twitter, you may or may not know that this year has been a bit of a pain in the arse. It’s felt like one long year of trying to make the rent and have enough left over to eat every day. I think I’ve written so many covering letters that I could probably make them up in my sleep now.

The funny thing about money is that it doesn’t seem important until you don’t have enough, and then you realise just how much you rely on it to cement all the other aspects of your life.

But it’s been okay, as years go. I’m sure there’ll be worse in my future, and there’s probably been worse behind me that I’ve conveniently forgotten.

On the plus side, I got my rats this year, and they’re big and fat now and still chewing holes in what’s left of my curtains. I’ve been semi-productive and got some stories out there, and I’ve loved writing them even when they were a massive pain in the arse.

I feel like this last year has been a bit uneventful as years go, but I’m hoping that’s about to change. I got to see in the new year with some of my best friends, who over the last four years have become like family to me. And then today, even though I was working and hungover, and even though I missed my train in and had to walk (the station was under construction and all locked up and I couldn’t find the mock-up entrance), got to work over an hour late, stepped in dog shit on the way and didn’t realise for aages, and had to spend an hour and a half sat in a room with a self-important shoplifter waiting for the police, I actually enjoyed myself. There was no work to do, so I actually got to know some of my colleagues finally after eight months. We had a chance to mess about and actually talk, and it was nice. Today was eventful, and even though it wasn’t all good, I feel positive about the year to come.

So what have I learnt from this last year? Perseverance, budgeting, and that I usually write better in past tense than present.

I think this year I want to be more productive and more sociable (hopefully those aren’t mutually exclusive). I think at some point I’m going to need to make a decision about my life, do something, change something, go somewhere, but right now I’m happy to just wait and see, and I’m hopeful.

I hope you’ve all had a good start to the year, and that it continues to be a good one for you all (:

Many blessings,