Hallowe’en Giveaway (closed)


The best holiday of the year has finally arrived: Hallowe’en! The leaves are well and truly turned, breath fogs in the air, and the streets are littered with mouldering pieces of smashed up pumpkin.

To celebrate I’m holding a small giveaway of two of my current e-book titles: Bat’s Children and The Lightning Moon.

Bat’s Children is a short (20,000 word) historical m/m romance novella, set in Wales in the early 18th century and featuring a family of lawless highwaymen.

The Lightning Moon is a mid-length (31,000 word) paranormal m/m romance novella about a bounty hunting witch who inconveniently finds himself falling for the brother of the man he’s hunting. You can also request The Lightning Moon in French or Spanish if you’d prefer it to the original English.

Please note this giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Jessica Klotz and Emma Lee!

Lilith!rat says “Happy Hallowe’en” from ~beyond the grave~
Hallowe’en Giveaway (closed)

Bat’s Children: Release Day

Last week Bat’s Children was finally released. I celebrated with a bottle of Old Mout cider and some vegan chocolate, and revelled in the fact that I have no more blog posts to write or proofs to look over. It was also the first day I hadn’t felt like crap in about two weeks, so that was nice, too. I was able to get through a whole film without having to pause it for a coughing fit.

I’m quite nervous and excited about Bat’s Children being out there now, although so far the reviews have been lovely. I love the characters of Bat’s Children, Emyr and Tomi in particular, so I’m looking forward to seeing what people think of them. Okay, so I probably know already that very few people will like Emyr, but he was so much fun to write (let’s not focus on what that might say about me) and I really like difficult characters.

Mostly now I’m tapping out a few ideas for stories, and reading a lot of politics articles because the UK has somehow managed to tangle itself up into a bitch of a knot that’s going to take a very long time to untangle. We now have a brand new unelected Prime Minister who hates the poor, the working classes, immigrants, human rights in general (although she did stop Boris Johnson blasting people with water cannons), who is pro-hunting and shaky at best on gay rights. Fuck equality, amiright?

The Labour Party are being a great big bag of dicks right now, too. I feel like Corbyn is just about the only hope (Help me, Obi Wan Kenobe) left for mainstream politics and the party are trying to kick him out despite members voting him in only, what, nine months ago? If they succeed I’m pretty much giving up on them. Plus Jay and I have realised that our MP (labour) seems to have voted on pretty much nothing since being in office, which… how?

The good thing in the news this week is that there’s an official Evil Tory Party theme tune, courtesy of David Cameron. And… that might well be it. Unless you like sports. Or Pokemon.

After work today I’ll be heading over to my local rodent rescue to pick up some new girls who I’ll be fostering until they find their forever home. I will then have more foster animals than my own. At least this pair won’t cost me a small fortune unlike Mr. Rico, as the rescue pays their vet bills and I’m already well set up for rats.

I also have mice in my wall. They like to scratch out their tunnels right behind my head while I’m watching scary films.

Bat’s Children: Release Day

Bat’s Children: Miniature Blog Tour

Over the next week I’ll be featuring on various blogs promoting my upcoming novella, Bat’s Children. I’ll be sharing some exclusive extracts as well as behind the scenes details about the book. There’s also a giveaway running, so if you’d like to be in with a chance of winning a free copy of the book (ebook only), keep an eye out at the sites listed below.


30th June: Prism Book Alliance

5th July: Joyfully Jay

6th July: Love Bytes

7th July: The Novel Approach



EDIT: The giveaway is now over.

Congratulations to Shirley Ann Speakman and Barbra who have both won their prize copy (:

Bat’s Children: Miniature Blog Tour