Popcorn, Rats, and Book Updates

I have been in Bristol now for five months. I have to say I love this city. It feels alive, like there’s always something going on somewhere. Although judging by the number of police cars I hear wailing past, those things usually seem to be burglaries and assaults.

I keep wondering to myself where all my time is going. I certainly haven’t spent any of it writing like I intended to. Perhaps a little more so this last month, but mostly I’ve been working. How I can spend so much time scooping and sweeping popcorn, I don’t know, but it’s certainly good for my wallet.

Last month, after my lush little blue dumbo rex, Eve, died, I got a couple of new rats to keep Lilith (not Lillif, as the veterinary receptionist spelt it) company. This time they’re top-ears, both hooded. They were bred as snake food, but luckily they got left behind when the guy moved out and were rescued. They’re both completely adorable, although Skadi is just a little bit crazy, always ridiculously hyper when I get her out of the cage. Idun is more reserved, but they’re a mischievous little pair and I have to keep a close eye on them.

london-rats 103
RIP Evie

In other news, my story, The Lightning Moon is now up on the LT3 Coming Soon page and has its own GoodReads page. This one is actually set in Bristol, although it’s not quite Bristol as we know it. It will be out two months from now, on January the 8th.

Lightning Moon

Arrow enjoys his job—more or less. It pays well, lets him travel freely, and puts his rather unique skill set to good use. But when he finds a letter addressed to the most recent man he’s been hired to track down, he begins to wonder if what he’s got is what he really wants.

Quinn has mostly resigned himself to a lonely life and instead puts his focus on assisting the unusual clientele of the Crystal Moon Emporium, a shop catering exclusively for witches. It’s a life, if not much of one, and he’s getting by. Then a handsome stranger walks through the door, and Quinn starts to feel that maybe just ‘getting by’ is no longer enough.

Popcorn, Rats, and Book Updates


Lilith and Eve snuggled up in their hammock.
Three weeks ago I picked up my rats from the breeder. They were six weeks old, tiny and completely adorable. At nine weeks, they’re still fairly small and adorable and they’ve gotten used to me now. I think they finally like me! Even if I do keep teasing them with the curtains (which they seem to be fascinated by and keep trying to grab a hold of).
Annoyingly, they’re most active just as I switch the light out and go to bed, but I’m getting used to it now and all the rattling and crashing coming from their cage doesn’t keep me up as much.

Lilith nosing at the camera.

Lilith, the black smooth one, is a real pain to handle, because she’s so damn fast and I never know where she’s going to go next, but she’s so cute and fun. I’m certain that at some point I’m going to lose her and there’ll be a big kerfuffle moving furniture and boxes to find her. As soon as I open the cage door, she’s trying to jump out at me, which means her sister, Eve, is sometimes overlooked a little. She’s the quieter, shyer one, and I don’t think she’s entirely used to me just yet. She still gets a bit scared if I move too quickly, and tends to just huddle in the inside of my cardigan when I get her out. She likes her food though, so I figure that if I give her enough treats when I have her out, she’ll be happier with it. And then she’ll hate me when I have to put her on a diet because she’s getting too fat :p